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My biggest turn off (after bad breast and bad spellin’, that is) is senti. And right now, it seems like senti is definitely in the air!

First, this guy has gone senti over how he has just about a month left before his beloved hostel and college life comes to a still end.

Then there’s this guy (the author points to himself) who’s pretty much feeling the same because of pretty much the same reason. Although he never had a hostel life so he’d probably not miss that one. The rest remains the same however.

I’ve spent the last five years in Indore. Its exactly the same time which I spent in Bhopal before I moved to Indore. Is it mere coincidence or jinx? Only time will tell. But what I know, as of now, is that I’ll never be more senti than now in the coming few years.

Just like high school, college is an experience to live for. It taught me a lot: love, hate, adjustments, compromises, betrayals, wins, losses. It also taught me how to pass an exam using the least possible effort, but that’s an altogether different matter. College taught me to accept victories humbly and to face defeats triumphantly.

College gave me friends. Phony and real. College also taught me to differentiate between the two. Just like all of you, even I found some of the nicest people on this earth sitting next to me in my class or waving hysterically to me in the parking. Some also followed me all the way to the canteen only to amuse themselves while I dated their respective crushes. And I wrote the previous line only to amuse myself.

Today, in canteen over a cup of cutting chai, I asked a friend if he was feeling senti over leaving this place. He gave a very politically correct answer: he wouldn’t miss the place (the college, hostel, city, canteen etc) but he’d miss the friends he made here. He called them ‘friends for life’.

I could somehow foresee that whatever he was saying wasn’t coming completely from his heart. Deep down I knew he would miss the place – the college campus, the classes, the canteen, hostel, and the city. What he wouldn’t miss would be the ‘friends for life’ that he made here, because they’ll be his friends for life. You dont miss something that you already have, you miss some thing that you dont have anymore. He will miss the place. And so would each one of us.

I will miss this place.