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WARNING: The following post is on cricket.

Our latest breed of heroes is out. And no, they’re not Hiro Nakamura, Mohinder Suresh and Isaac Mendez. You guessed it right! They are Harbhajan Singh, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Ishant Sharma.

In the last one year, Indian Cricket has seen new heights than the Burj Dubai and made more breaking news than Saif – Kareena link up. First it was the World Cup disaster, then it was the ICC World T-20 win, and latest is how we beat Australia “in their own backyard” and how we generously helped South Africa climb up to the top of ICC Team Rankings.

Not to forget the heat generated by the rebel Zee’s Indian Cricket League and the counter heat emitted by BCCI’s “official” Indian Premier League. While ICL managed to make its share of news by contracting some famous and a few infamous players of their time, and also by announcing bumper lotteries for their winners; IPL was also quite successful in the whirl. Unfortunately they could just manage one infamous player (a certain someone from Pakistan who fights thrice, on an average, between dawn and dusk).

Official or not, the Cricket leagues did bring in a lot of money. The IPL auction was anything but modest. On the day of auction, there was so much money in that room that an entire three-part sequel – Ocean’s 14, 15 and 16 – could be plotted, produced and robbed. And yet some money would have been left for the development of Hockey and Athletics. And while all our heroes and Symonds and Ponting would end up being richer by a few million dollars in four years from now, some couldn’t wait that long to be glad about it. And so, we read how UP lad Praveen Kumar got a new brand car as soon as he landed back home.

A new trend was also started, thanks to our young guns becoming crorepatis in a matter of days. Our crorepatis are now gearing up for becoming real patis. At least that’s what I see on hindi news all the time. How danceman Sreesanth gets weak on knees when he hears Priyanka’s name and how Ishant ‘Lambu’ Sharma has a thing for Katrina. And did we hear that Hayden had challenged Ishant for a Boxing Ring match? Well then maybe Lambu should take some Boxing lessons from Salman Khan, of course at his own expense.

Enough for now. I like anticlimax.