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uh.. um.. er.. hmm… well.

Let us momentarily shift our focus from ‘Rising Trends in Indian economy beating the odds’ – which is the primary agenda of this blog as a whole – to something less interesting called World Sports.

First up, Cricket. Rahul Dravid scored a lazy double ton against Mumbai while playing for Karnataka (home to the silicon valley of India and office to BJP/ JD(S)/President of India). Of the 5 over-the-top boundaries that he hit magnificently, one went straight in the media room and a label was found attached to the ball having this written on it:

In YOUR face!

But since the label was addressed to an anonymous Chairman of Selectors by an anonymous former national captain, BCCI promptly concluded that it must have been some young cricket enthusiast’s prank and that it need not be taken seriously.

But Martina Hingis had to be taken very seriously. Doping is serious affair and use of prescription or non-prescription drugs always adds up as a downward boost to one’s career, unless you are either a former Finance/Foreign minister from India or a Pakistani pace bowler who randomly keeps attacking fellow players and then compares himself to Salman Khan. And the most predictable part of doping is seen in Indian athletics. Every year, a couple of lesser known athletes go abroad to get stoned and then test positive to some random performance enhancing drug. Then they return gloriously back home claiming their innocence and blaming their coaches. Its really that simple.

So when Martina Hingis re-retired this week, many were not surprised. But when she announced that she was being probed for testing positive for drugs during Wimbledon this year, many started wondering if drugs has sabotaged another world sport under its vicious grip. Also, Hingis hired an army of lawyers who promised her to bring out the flaws in the drug testing policies of the concerned agency. But no money back guarantee there.

But Dilip Vengsarkar’s woes don’t end here. Right after he dropped the lesser known class B players, he had to take a hit when those very folks who were belittled by our colonel just two days ago smashed and destroyed others in the Challenger Series. And now this! Perhaps the colonel has done a slight miscalculation. Or perhaps, as some from Jharkhand might argue, it was a right step which was taken by keeping the future of Indian Cricket in mind. Just like Greg Chappell had done.

Coming back to dope again, Strings – the Paki band came all the way duuuu SS uuuuuuu SS uuuuuu SS uuuuuuuuuuuuu rr from you know where to IIM Indore to perform last week. The guys are okay. They’d have played more if the electricity arrangement at IIM wouldn’t have faltered and exposed the fraud that was behind it. Also, they’d have liked more if those Nanda Nagar guys didn’t say those nice things about their mothers and sisters, and also if the other folks didn’t ask for their money back. But how is this related to dope? In the same way as their mothers are related to us.

But if anybody is actually reading this, an awesome indigenous band called Grim Reapers opened for Strings, played some really good retro classics which nobody ever heard and yet managed to pull up quite a roar. So, Kudos, guys. Also, their vocal guy Digvijay is a megalomaniac having long hairs and a healthy appetite for rum and humor. I suspect he’s also a gigolo, but dont tell him please. So, if you happen to pass by Indore some unlucky day, make sure to catch up with these guys On the Rocks at Velocity. And if you end up hating them as much as I did, please do pay them.