Day 1998…

… since I last wrote something here. Wow, time flies.

Wonder if this blog is still on anyone’s feed subscriptions. If it is, and if somebody is reading it here, Hi. Hope all is well.

Got a new theme. I liked it. Also, I didn’t put a lot of time in evaluating those. Just picked out one that looked alright. I think it looks fine.

Also wondering if now’s a good time to change the name of the blog. I made this blog when I was 19.  I’ll be turning 30 in a few months. Spent some time reading the older posts and realised how ostentatious I was. And how often. Still, I miss writing here. Somebody said – “If you’re passionate about something, make it a part of your work. This way, you’ll never have to spend a day not liking your work.” Well, I’ve spent the last seven years writing emails every day. I didn’t really think through that quote very well.

Alright then. Later.


1 thought on “Day 1998…

  1. stephaniedunn61898

    Wht the fuck??!! I can’t believe what I see!! She isn’t seriously drinking Corona?? I think I am going to scream??nI thought her being all into the role of being goody-two-shoes was sort of her personality too? what the hell, she doesn’t have to be perfect I mean I have had my sins too. Click


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