Where has love disappeared?

Its rather ironic how people turn towards love when they “need it the most”, when all this while they chose to ignore it when it was staring right in their eyes.

Pretty simple question: What is love? Pretty simple answer: Whatever you want to be. Most people see love as a commodity – for it makes up for the lack of company, for it gives you a reason to dream, for it makes you look forward to something that may perhaps culminate into happiness; into unification.

But its not.

Love is, in fact, a necessity. Like food and water. And forgive me for stereotyping it, but love is as much as critical for one as food and water is. This is not a romantic metaphor for love, its actually a sad melancholy. Love in an indulgence, an addiction that makes you emotionally dependent on itself. And you don’t get to know it as long as you don’t try to fall out of it – and realize, that you cannot.


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