A – Z Tag

I dont like tags. This one came from Bose.

A-Age: 21 Years, 26 weeks and 4 days.

B-Band listening to right now: The Doors

C-Career (plan): Vague. Join IT&S and leave it before they throw me out.

D-Drink or Smoke: Drink – Not really. Smoke – No.

E-Easiest friends to talk to: Almost Everyone.

F-Funniest moment of your life: When bose yelled out B-E-H-E-N-C-H-O-D infront of his parents. That was fun!

G-Gummy bears or gummy worms: Gummy Bears

H-Have a girlfriend?: Nope.

I-In love: Guess not.

J-Junk food you like: Aam-late Paav.

K-Kids: Shamless rascals they are.

L-Longest ride ever: I think it was somewhere in June ’06. I rode to Bhopal and came back almost immediately. That was roughly 450 kms.

M-Man/woman you love the most: Aai.

N-Names for your kids: boy – Abhimanyu / girl – Rhea

O-One wish you have now: Pass.

P-Phobias: I’m scared of two things: 1) People touching my feet. 2) Drowning in the fuckin’ ocean on a stupid Banana Ride. (In that order)

Q-Quote (favorite): “I would have been better if I wouldn’t be me.”

R-Reasons to smile: Aai, Friends and Failures.

S-Sleeping hours: Around Midnight

T-Time you woke up: Today? 6:30 am.

U-Unknown fact about you: I am probably the biggest fattu I have ever seen.

V-Vegetable you hate: Lady’s finger

W-Worst habit: Swearing and Snoring.

X-X-rays you’ve had: Left and Right Forearms, Right Arm, Right foot, Chest, Jaws, Forehead and skull, Nose etc.

Y-Yummy foods: I hate it when Bird Flu is around.

Z-Zodiac sign: Cancer.

I tag: You


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